Bristol Young Heroes Awards

– Bristol Young Heroes Awards is an annual gala dinner and awards ceremony to celebrate the best of Bristol as found in its young people. It’s the cities ‘Oscars’ for those who have overcome challenge and adversity to live life to the full, both for themselves and for others.

Bristol Young Heroes are young people who are changing the world for the better. We want to recognise them and offer the encouragement and support they need to go on and have an impact on an even bigger scale.

We believe when we celebrate lives like these we all benefit. The lives these young people are leading are not theirs alone but part of the overarching City narrative all Bristol residents share. If we lift a story we can lift a person! In sharing, owning and celebrating these stories, we believe we can contribute to Bristol becoming its best.

We invite City leaders from business, politics, faith groups, sport and entertainment to join with us, the nominee’s families, friends and the young heroes themselves in making Bristol a place in which great things can be achieved in the face of adversity.

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Please get in touch if you know an exceptional young person who you’d like to nominate or if you are a business looking to support exceptional young people!

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