Bristol Together Championships

Bristol Together Championships focuses on building a tolerant and inclusive City by twinning primary schools from very different demographics.

What’s it all about?

Bristol Together Championships is about crossing boundaries.

Using the universal language of football to help community cohesion by getting boys and girls crossing the race, class, geographical and faith boundaries that characterise life in the city.

How does it work?

Primary schools are twinned with other schools from totally different communities to their own.

Together they form a joint team and compete at the Bristol Together Championships annual tournament. In the lead up to the tournament the five year 5 children, made up of both boys and girls, and participate in four training sessions, two hosted at each school.

Many schools use the sessions as an opportunity to not only have the 1 hour football skills sessions together, but to also extend it to have lunch or share their schools environment with each other deepening the team bond.

Why should your school participate?

Throughout the programme we explore the children’s passions and gifts and we break down any barriers or misconceptions! The children and staff realise that whilst there are differences (geography, interest, practices, cultures etc) they have more in common than they first realised.

This programme is educational and whilst sport can help to develop a winning mentality we are focused on using the power of sport to ensure the children meet others from outside of their friendship circles. This we strongly believe helps with their confidence, communication, social mobility and tolerance of others who are culturally, ethnically, socially and financially different from them.

Trip to Bordeaux?

As an added bonus, we take 20 children from 4 of the twinned participating schools on a 3-day trip to Bristol’s twinned city of Bordeaux.

They spend their time being immersed in the cities culture, meeting children from local schools and participating in fun and meaningful team building. To have a little glimpse at the 2019 trip look here.

Listen to young people talk about the Bordeaux Trip!

by BBC Radio Bristol

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