To all the nominees who attended the 2019 Bristol Young Heroes Awards… Check out the video & photos from the night below!

We believe when we celebrate lives like these we all benefit.

If we lift a story we can lift a person! In sharing, owning and celebrating these stories, we believe we can contribute to Bristol becoming its best.

We invite City leaders from business, politics, faith groups, sport and entertainment to join with us, the nominee’s families, friends and the young heroes themselves in making Bristol a place in which great things can be achieved in the face of adversity.

Over All Young Hero 2019 Winner: Mitch Lyth

The Best of Bristol, someone who embodies the energy, compassion and the creativity of Bristol. Chosen from all the nominees.

Mitch Lyth from Youth Moves

Presented by: Stephen Cowan from GKN Aerospace
Sponsored by: GKN Areospace

Action Hero 2019 Winner: Mohammed Aidid

A young person who has made a contribution to the community by volunteering.

Mohammed Aidid from Bristol City Council Youth Council

Presented by: Ben Smith from the 401 Challenge
Sponsored by: Wales and West Utilities

Arts & Culture Hero 2019 Winner: George Hickey

A young person who has exceeded expectations and accomplished something great in one of the Arts.

George Hickey from Creative Youth Network

Presented by: Beth Rowley
Sponsored by: We the Curious

Caring Hero 2019 Winner: Kai Richards

A Young person who is looking after a family member or relative and has sacrificed a lot by putting someone else’s needs above his or her own.

Kai Richards from Carers Support Centre

Presented by: Joe Sims
Sponsored by: BOM IT Solutions

Enterprise Hero 2019 Winner: Jake Skinner

A young person who has identified a need and found an enterprising approach to fill it.

Jake Skinner from South Gloucestershire Council

Presented by: Deputy Mayor Craig Cheney & 2018 Youth Mayor Hannah Heir
Sponsored by: Quantuma

Environmental Hero 2019 Winner: Catherine Rowe

A young person who is contributing to or co-ordinating activity into having a positive impact to the environment, Locally, City Wide or Nationally.

Catherine Rowe from Youth Moves

Presented by: Liam Garrigan
Sponsored by: Elmtree Garden Services

Learning Hero 2019 Winner: Abby Driscoll-Pike

A young person who has exceeded expectations and achieved success in education, especially by over coming adversity or challenging circumstances.

Abby Driscoll-Pike from Youth Moves

Presented by: Prof. Jane Roscoe
Sponsored by: UWE

Sporting Hero 2019 Winner: Kieran Jackson

A young person who has exceeded expectations and triumphed in sport, especially by over coming adversity or challenging circumstances.

Kieran Jackson from Youth Moves

Presented by: Amy Williams MBE Olympic Gold medallist
Sponsored by: Lancer Scott

Super Hero 2019 Winner: Miranda Meldrum

A young Person who has gone above & beyond the call of duty to display an act of courage and bravery or someone who has overcome adversity through illness or disability.

Miranda Meldrum from NU NHS Bristol

Presented by: Alex Beresford
Sponsored by: Bristol Water

High Sheriffs Award 2019: Levi Hodge

Someone who has shown considerable dedication to the service of Young people. No age limit.

Levi Hodge from Youth Moves

Presented by: 2019 High Sheriff Charles Wyld

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